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Anti-Theft Body Holster

Our Holster Was Design with You in Mine!

T-tracs® is the world's one-of-a-kind multi-functional anti-theft body holster/vest that organizes your electronics, charger, and personal possessions for use 24/7. Our patent design allows you to charged your electronics while holding your belongings safe, secure, and accessible.

Power on the Go!

T-tracs®' anti-theft body holster gives you comfort, style, security, and accessibility you can count on in your daily activities. When it comes to protection, your electronic devices, and personal possessions, T-tracs® is the one. Our creative design provides the best protection you can buy. Our adjustable straps make it easy for the best and most comfortable fit you can get.

Do not let Pickpocket Ruin Your Day!

Wearing T-tracs® patented design could save your day no more worries about being pickpocketed or misplacing personal items. Why leave it to chance. Hold all your passports, electronics, and personal items all in one place, safe, secure, and at your fingertips wend they are needed. Jump into the communication station of the future!  T-tracs® your safe and secure travel companion for your electronics and personal possessions.